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Hancock County

Sheriff Scott Kane


is working to have every deputy in their 18-person agency become trained in some sort of speciality that is beneficial to the office and citizens of Hancock County. They are currently working toward becoming an accredited agency.

Sheriff Kane has worked with other municipal law enforcement agencies and the Hancock County Emergency Management Director to organize a Spillman User Group. This group has worked to bring all agencies in the county together to use one reporting system, thus making Hancock County law enforcement more efficient and cost-effective.

Prior to Sheriff Kane’s law enforcement career, he was in the business world working for my father in a local dairy and ice cream production company. He began as a route driver, eventually working his way up to sales manager, the position he held until he became a full-time deputy. At one time, Sheriff Kane owned an ice cream shop, “The Snack Station” in Bar Harbor.

In November of 2022, Sheriff Kane was re-elected as Sheriff of Hancock County, and he looks forward to serving in that office for another four years.

Sheriff Kane currently lives in Brooksville, specifically the Harborside area, with his wife Rosemarie and their dog, Jethro the English Bulldog, and two cats, Oreo, and Yogi. He coached JV baseball at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill from 1996 until 2021. He is a member of many civic and public service organizations.

Sheriff Scott Kane took office in 2015 after he was elected the previous November in the general election. He began his career in law enforcement as a part-time deputy, corrections officer, and dispatcher in 1984. He accepted a full-time position as a deputy in August of 1991. He graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in May 1992 and was designated as the DARE Coordinator after completing the training in September of the same year. His responsibilities included supervising the program in twenty-one schools and patrol duties in the summer months. He taught in the schools from 1992 until 2021. In 2002, the Sheriff’s Office lost funding for the position, and he was assigned as a contract deputy in Blue Hill until 2006. From 2006 until 2014, he resumed his career as a patrol officer for the sheriff’s office.

Since taking office in 2015, Hancock County has made numerous changes. Sheriff Kane has placed a high priority on training, and he


One Team. One Mission.

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