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The Maine Sheriffs' Association (MSA) is a non-profit organization that coordinates law enforcement and corrections activities with other related agencies. It works to improve and professionalize the sheriffs' offices in Maine and to assure that all citizens receive the highest quality law enforcement and jail services in an efficient, courteous, and humane manner.

The MSA also works to inform and educate all citizens about county law enforcement and jail services in order to increase the public's understanding, support, and respect for the sheriffs' departments and their officers. Maine sheriffs work together with the community in programs like D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and TRIAD which works to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly, and with scholarships. (See our Public Programs pages for more information about the MSA's presence in the community.)

The Maine Sheriffs' Association vigorously supports professional training and education programs and encourages certification of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs. We also engage in a constant effort to make law enforcement activities and jail services more efficient and fiscally effective. We actively promote and suppport legislation to provide sheriffs with the authority and responsibility necessary to properly administer their departments and to upgrade conditions of employment to be able to attract and retain the most qualified personnel in order to best serve the citizens of Maine.

Our Mission:  

The Maine Sheriffs’ Association is committed to preserve and strengthen the Constitutional Office of the Sheriff, protect all citizens’ rights, promoting professionalism, ethics, leadership, integrity, and all duties statutorily bestowed upon the Sheriff. 

One Team. One Mission.

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