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2018 Maine Sheriffs

Won't you join us as we strive to achieve the goals that were identified more than forty years ago? 

"The purpose of The Maine Sheriffs' Association is to advance all of the Sheriffs' Departments in the state and further, through closer cooperation among all law enforcement agencies, foster a high degree of respect for, and maintenance of, law and order and to promote the detection and prevention of crime and to engage in charitable, educational and public service programs to assist the aforementioned purposes." 

-Maine Sheriffs' Association Certificate of Organization, dated March 9, 1976


Your support will provide for more effective law enforcement and enable MSA to:


  • Monitor legislative bills affecting public safety.

  • Provide training and educational opportunities to Sheriff personnel statewide.

  • Act as collective voice to local, state, and federal officials.

  • Prepare and distribute the First Protectors annual magazine for Sheriffs’ personnel, government officials and agencies, and MSA members.

  • Research critical law enforcement issues.

  • Support and promote opportunities for Maine youth including Camp P.O.S.T.C.A.R.D.

Join your friends and neighbors and become a member now!

The Maine Sheriffs' Association (MSA) is a non-profit organization that draws its membership from the sheriff, chief deputy, jail administrator, and patrol supervisor of each county, as well as other interested members of Maine's sheriffs' offices, other law enforcement agencies, and the public.


The following categories of membership are available:

Sheriff's Office

Includes the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Jail Administrator and Patrol Supervisor.

Law Enforcement Professional, Sheriff's Office

Individuals employed by a sheriff's office not included in the "Sheriff's Office" category.

Law Enforcement Professional, Other Agency

Individuals employed by a law enforcement agency other than a sheriff's office.

Criminal Justice Student

Any student currently enrolled in a bona fide criminal justice course or training program.

*Please note! If student can provide documentation that identifies they have achieved deans list in their school, their membership is free of charge.

Associate (Citizen) Members

Individuals not employed by a law enforcement agency.

Corporate PRINT

Business, non-profit, or governmental agency other than law enforcement agencies that sponsor publication of our magazine.

(Online payment available - must provide purchase order).


Business, non-profit, or governmental agency other than law enforcement agencies.

Members will receive a copy of the Annual First Protectors Magazine, which is distributed in mid-May, along with the satisfaction of contributing to the successful implementation of our mission.

One Team. One Mission.

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