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Our Mission:  The Maine Sheriffs’ Association is committed to preserve and strengthen the Constitutional Office of the Sheriff, protect all citizens’ rights, promoting professionalism, ethics, leadership, integrity, and all duties statutorily bestowed upon the Sheriff.  

Message from MSA President, Sheriff Joel Merry

    “On behalf of the sheriffs of the State of Maine, I would like to welcome you to our website. We hope that you find the website useful and informative. The Maine sheriffs have a long and proud tradition of service to our citizens. We are proud to serve the people of the great State of Maine.

    The office of sheriff has a long history, dating back more than one thousand years in the United Kingdom and more than four hundred years in the United States. The sheriffs in the State of Maine serve as the chief law enforcement officer in each county. It is the only elected law enforcement officer in the state of Maine, allowing citizens to elect their Sheriff every four years. The sheriffs represent one of the purest forms of democracy; directly answering to the citizens of their counties.

     Maine's sheriffs are committed to protecting the citizens of the State of Maine. The sheriffs provide a robust law enforcement resource with 352 sworn deputy sheriffs and 740 corrections’ officers. The sheriffs are committed to providing professional, progressive and highly-trained employees to best serve our citizenry. We are committed to the principles of compassion, integrity and fairness to all that we serve.”  -Sheriff Joel Merry, Maine Sheriffs’ Association President